Every so often, Foothills recruits individuals who are interested in becoming K-9 Handlers or Operational Members for Search & Rescue. All applicants must produce a clean background check.

Foothills requires that all potential members (K-9 Handler and Operational) attend training on a volunteer status, without your dog, for several weeks before applying for membership. After that time, if you are interested in becoming a K-9 handler for Foothills, you can apply for membership (if there is an opening available) and turn in the the required prerequisites.

If accepted as a member, you can then have your dog evaluated for Search & Rescue. K-9s and handlers must be physically fit and able to maneuver all types of terrains. You need to make sure search and rescue is something YOU want to do. Search and Rescue requires a lot of training time, commitment, and hard work, yet is very rewarding. We train a minimum of 16 hours per month, along with various team seminars, classes and PR events.

If you are interested in attending team training as a volunteer, please dress accordingly for the weather, including thick pants (BDU's), long sleeves, gloves, and lug sole duty boots if you have them. You will be able to participate in all aspects of training with the Foothills team and talk to the handlers, support members, and volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a handler, please reach out to the information on our contact page.

We welcome applicants of all types...

  • K-9 handlers

  • Communications specialists

  • Individuals with land navigation or search experience

  • Medical professionals

  • Firefighters

  • Law Enforcement

... and those willing to train and educate themselves in any of these areas.


Hold Harmless Agreement: Must be completed before participating in training/events

Pack Lists: Day pack, 24-hour pack, medical pack

Volunteer Application